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Mental-coaching app
  SIG1, Mar 18 2019

Long time no see LP.

This is a long shot, but I'd like to ask the LP community if they're interested in a mental-coaching app for poker. Filling out the survey below will help my team on what audiences to target and which areas to prioritize such as concentration, consistency, and ability to not tilt:

I recently joined a team that consists of 2 PhD Sport Psychologists that regularly work with pro athletes, and are being approached by major esports teams. We're definitely going to target esports and sports, but we're also thinking of other niche areas that require a certain mindset to excel, and we think poker is one of them. During my time as a "pro poker player" the mental hurdles were half the battle. Knowing when to take a break, being honest with yourself to find leaks, and preparing mentally for a big tournaments were some things that I think affected my overall EV, and didn't do so well in those areas. But since I am no longer a full-time poker player, my opinions are somewhat invalidated, so I'd love to see the responses from the LP community.

Lastly, if you are interested in such an app, what stakes and how frequently do you play? This info will help us understand what kind of volume a poker player goes through as a pro or amateur.

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Leaks in my stats?
  SIG1, Sep 28 2016

Hey guys,

Started grinding some cash again, but can tell I have a lot of leaks. Thoughts on my 3b%, or my SB play? I see myself making mistakes with hands like AT-AQ in the SB. Let me know if you see any leaks in my stats.

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Good bye poker. Hello eSports
  SIG1, Aug 28 2016

It's been a while, but I'm happy to say I finally left the online gambling industry. My short 3-year career in the online gambling industry has been both life-changing and eye-opening as I was able to work on a product that essentially shaped me into who I am today. Initially, when there were high hopes for online poker, especially in NJ, I was very involved with poker. Unfortunately, the online gambling companies I worked for and the rest of the industry saw that it was MUCH easier to make money in casino, so majority of my focus eventually became casino. Unfortunately, this involves sucking people into a game that they can never win in the long-run. We liked stupid. The more lives we ruined, the better we were off. And I witnessed this in-person when I visited a VIP slot player to gift her a free XBox One with Minecraft for her 8 year old daughter. Little did I know that she lived in a run-down apartment and it was heartbreaking to hear that she couldn't take advantage of the $1000 deposit bonus because she had no money. Luckily, the company was sold and I was able to transition out and into esports.

I've now joined an esports start-up where we pair gamers with coaches for games like SC, Hearthstone, Lol, Dota, etc. It feels pretty good knowing that my work actually benefits society for once, so I hope to stay in esports. I'm also working with people that aren't trying to screw each other to benefit themselves, so that's another huge plus. Since LP is esports related, thought you'd guys appreciate this update.

Anyway, got that off my chest. I'll update again next time.

Also mods.... Can I change my name? I made this name in high school cuz I played HUSNG and I wanted people to think that I was an immature noob, which I was.

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